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Enjoy music videos from the Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse bands and artists below. The YouTube Channel window is fun and easy to use. Once you click 'play' by tapping the triangle, you can then tap the rectangle in the bottom right hand corner of the video screen and "POOOF!" -- like magic, you will have a beautiful FULL SCREEN representation of the music videos from your favorite Mordichai Music (& everything) UniVerse bands and artists like Dead Planet Society, Vonnegut Sludge, Hessistant, Meditations For Monsters and all the rest of the gang.

So climb aboard this crazy ride, buckle up and turn it up, off the lights, your favorite people by your side.... engage:

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"Pop changes week to week, month to month. But great music is like literature."

~Ravi Shankar read more

Vonnegut Sludge ~ a new day revolution Unk Ben - plutonium milkshake Hessistant - nubile clock Dead Planet Society - its all a blur Meditations For Monsters - inside crytal windows OzkAn - one day soon

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